Goal setting is not only about the goals but also about what the person expects to get from these goals!

Goal setting is not only about the goals but also about what the person expects to gets from these goals, the road he or she imagines on their way to these desired goals,  and the force in which they imagine getting there.

Expectations are not only important, they are critical for one to achieve the goals hesets out for himself, the can be the driving force behind a person with clear and set 
goals and, on the other hand, may turn out to be the discouraging and breaking elementsbehind the same person.

The first thing to remember that in goal setting the goals as are the expectations are yours, you will need to ask yourself the basic questions, what is it that you expect to get from a more balanced life? Is it more free time? closer relationship with your spouse, partner or significant other? more time to pursue an advanced degree? Maybe   you want to take some hobby or learn something new? Any or all of these things are    great goals, but your expectation to achieve balance must take into consideration thatsome of these goals will take more time away from your family. Its pretty simple when you think of it, investing some time in one thing will ultimately take up time from  another. The basic thing you have to do is to be very clear about your goals and about your expectations. What does balance mean for you? Is it more time for yourself? Do   you dream of more time for your family? Don't make a promise to get more work/life    balance and then squander that balance with poor planning. This kind of approach will leave you in a worst condition than what you have started at.

Keeping expectations realistic is an important thing, do not let your own ambition and expectation create a barrier for you in the future, be very cleat about what do you expect to achieve and how will this balance change your life. Ask yourself if your expectations are realistic for the planned timeframe and actions you want to take or are you dreams too large, sometimes we can create a perfect picture in our mind that is unreachable in the time frame we set, it is better for you to have realistic targets you can reach. Once you have your own expectations under control, you'll need to look to your employer and your family and friends to be sure that you understand and can meet their expectations. If you have your own family you will need to listen to what they want too. It is all well and good that you expect to regain some balance in your life but if you need to fill in a huge hour quota at work you will have great difficulties to achieve your goals, it is always best to realistically examine the situation, and if need be, talk to your employer and ask to change your working patterns to allow you with more space for balanced life. Try and make sure that the people around you know and understand your reasons for better balanced life and ask for their support and encouragement, this can include your wife, children, parents, and even your boss. Once you get the plan right, you can move forward more quickly and succeed in you better work life balance.

To do or not to do … That is the question!

Notebook and pen

Do you think Jullius Caesar worried Marcus Brutus kept a task list? Perhaps he should have!

So how do you manage your task list? WHAT … you don’t have one? Better start one today! One of the biggest challenges we have in our fast paced world is we are bombarded with information. So much so, it makes it increasingly difficult to remember everything we need to. How much could a missed commitment to a valued client cost you?

A task list will make you much more productive! Guaranteed.

To do lists, or task lists are not only for your business tasks but personal tasks as well. It doesn’t matter what system you use, be it paper or one of many excellent software programs on the market today, as long as you use it. I find Microsoft Outlook works well for me; I print a hard copy of my day’s appointments and tasks. With this list at my ready reference I can add and update my list with ease. It only takes me a few minutes at the end of the day to update my electronic version.

  • Task lists work like this.

    If your brain knows that you are recording tasks that need to be done, subconsciously it relaxes. It doesn’t attempt to keep looping the task around which adds to your stress as you tend to react is some way each time you “remember”.

  • Task lists make you productive in another way as well.

    Pick your favourite colour … go out and buy that colour highlighter. When you complete a task, stroke it out with the highlighter. Your brain will begin to associate the colour with success. Within 30 days you will look forward to completing the tasks and the colour reward you see. You’ll become more organized and actually look forward to adding more tasks to your list with the extra time you have freed up. As productivity increases so will your personal success – guaranteed!

As I said to Brutus the other day, et tu Brutus? He replied, “You bet, I wouldn’t be caught dead without my task list!”

Public Speaking: Get Rid Of Your Anxiety And Nervousness Once And For All

Public speaker microphone

While having to speak in public, some people are experiencing anxiety and/or nervousness. Their hands are shaking. They can barely say anything.

Have you been undergoing the same situation?

No need to worry, you’re not alone. There are many out there who feel the same way about public speaking. However, it is best to try your best to get used to speaking in public. A successful person is sometimes asked to do it.

So, if you plan to be one, get rid of your anxiety and nervousness.

Try these tips below:

Prepare yourself

This one is for those who are given the chance to get prepared. If you do, then use the best out of it. Check out what you are expected to talk about. Gather all the information you might need. This helps build your confidence.

Get a drink

It is a calming action you can do before getting on the stage. If possible, and if you are about to talk for a long period of time, make sure you have at least a glass of water next to you. Yet, don’t drink too much for it might cause you to make water in the middle of the speech.

Take a very deep breath

Breathing deeply can help you feel a little bit calmer. The oxygen can also help your brain work at its best. You can do it once or again and again, until you feel very calm.

You are the star!

Keep that in mind. Remember that every star is confident and sure about themselves. So are you. Boost your confidence by acting like a star!

Now You Can Have A Happy Life That You Have Been Dreaming Of

Father and son

Who doesn’t want a happy life? Only real fools would reject it.

Yet, many people out there feel sad and feel bad about their life.

Are you one of those people?

I used to be one. But, then, I woke up and I was no longer part of the pathetic group of people.

Do you realize that happiness is yours to create? It’s all in your head. How’s that? You might ask.

It’s about focusing on your blessings and ignoring your misfortunes.

Every time you feel sad about something that is happening in your life, try not to think about it. Instead, direct your mind to all the blessings that God has granted you. Count your blessings; remember things that make you happy and smile.

And, always look at the bright side. Everything that happens to us is meant for a reason. Let’s say, now, you have just got fired from a job with a very high salary. But, did you really enjoy the job? Were you not complaining every time you go home from work?

Your being fired might be a way for you to find a job that you enjoy doing. It’s an opened gate to a happier life. People sometimes focus themselves to their loss instead of a brighter future. And, that’s the biggest contribution to a very very unhappy life.

The last thing to do is get on the street. Look at those homeless people out there. They’ve got no home. And you? You’ve got a home, a great family, a job, a speedy internet connection. You should be very thankful. Compared to them, you have the world.

So, do you still think you have the right to be unhappy? If I were you, I would say no. A big NO.

If your answer is still yes, you’d better reread all the above lines.

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