How to Make More Time for Giving

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Do you have a desire to spend more time giving to others but you don’t know where the time is going to come from? Have you tried several time management approaches all of which gave limited results or didn’t last beyond a few weeks or days? I had the same problem and so did my friend David.

David Perdew has just written a new book called “Bad Dad: 10 Keys to Regaining Trust”, is developing and teaching an online course, makes time for his family, and works a full-time job. Some students in his class have recently stated they don’t know how he does it all. I recently talked with David about his “secret.” It was no surprise that he has learned what I have.

You need to determine what your values and life purpose are and then spend your time doing those things that are most important to fulfilling them. Everything else should be delegated to someone else or not done at all. If giving to others is high on your list of values, you will make the time to do it more and feel great about it.

I spent the energy to determine my values and life purpose in my mid-forties. Some people might think I was going through a mid-life crisis (or man-o-pause as my friend Nick would call it). You are never too young or old to take your life purpose seriously.

The following two books were very useful to me and I highly recommend them both:

  • “The Power To Be Your Best” by Todd Duncan
  • “The Purpose-Driven Life” by Rick Warren

If you don’t know your life purpose at this point in your life, you need to take the time to discover it. It will be a life changing experience.

How To Face Tough Times?

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Life is like an ocean. The waves may be very calm one day and the next day there may be a storm. Life is not like a mountain that remains steady forever. Right from our childhood we find the times changing. Sometimes everything looks going perfectly. Otherwise everything goes wrong. Why and what to do about this?

Some of us call this our fate. They accept that whatever happens is destined. Such people may be very calm. Some of those who believe in fate are also very inactive. They accept whatever comes their way without making any effort to fight the situation. Certainly one can believe in fate. But that should not stop us to act positively? How to act in tough times?

  1. List out all your assets.
  2. Some of us think that they are left with nothing when tough times come. But that is not true. You may be facing the toughest time, but you are alive. That is an asset. If you are healthy, that is another asset. If your family is supporting you, that is one more asset. You have friends? Add them as your assets. Write down everything you have as an asset. This kind of list gives us positive inspiration. We feel that all is not lost. That is very important. To come out of the hopelessness is the first major step we should take during tough times.

  3. Make a list of all the problems that you are facing.
  4. Divide that list in small problems and big problems. Look at the list again and find out which problems may be ignored for the time. Find out the problems that must be tackled. Begin with small problems from that list. As you solve one after another problem, you will see your confidence growing. Tough times test us our attitude. We must fight them out.

How A Work At Home Business Can Make Your Life Easier

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There are various home business options to choose from, each providing certain liberties that may not be possible to get from the office environment. Here are just a few ways in which a home business can make your life easier.

Staying At Home With Kids

This may be the biggest benefit of running your own home business. The expense involved in sending your children to day care can be completely eliminated. Although some work-at-home parents still choose to keep their children in daycare in order to get more work done during the day, the option of eliminating day care is possible.


Operating your own home business eliminates the need for you to sit in traffic each day as you commute back and forth to work. You will spend less time in your car and more time doing the things that you enjoy most. The mileage on your car will be reduced and you can save money on gas.

Tax Deductions

If you own your own home business, you are able to take advantage of many tax deductions that those working in an office are not able to take. Although the savings only occur once a year, the amount you save each year may be quite substantial.

No Boss To Have To Answer To

Being your own boss is always an incentive when owning your own home business. You decide the hours that you want to work, when you want to take a vacation, and the manner in which you would like your home business run. You have complete control.

Cost Reductions

Owning your own home based business can be less costly than owning a brick and mortar business. Using your home as your office space instead of buying or leasing a building is a great way to keep more money in your pocket.

Finding The Time To Meditate Regularly

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We always seem to be in a rush nowadays. So how can you find the time to spare to meditate? There are so many other things competing for our time that we always seem to be in a rush. Food and coffee on the go, speaking on the cell phone while doing other things, typing away at the computer whilst on the phone to a work colleague.

So how on earth can we devote even 15 or 20 minutes a day to simply meditating?

Initially it may seem an uphill struggle. But you find a few minutes every day to brush your teeth and a meditation session is just as essential for your overall health.

Maybe getting up a few minutes earlier would work for you? Or, if you’re an evening person, the last few minutes before you go to sleep. A lot of people find this to be one of the best times to meditate as it puts them into a calm, relaxed state. Perfect for a good night’s sleep.

If you can’t devote the time every day to meditation, then consider becoming a weekend meditator. Oftentimes, Saturdays and Sundays are not quite as hectic as the rest of the week. So you may be able to regularly spend time on a meditation session. You’ll still get a benefit from these sessions.

There are also times during the day that you can re-work to make the time to meditate.

If you watch the news, skip it! The news will still happen and if something important crops up, someone will tell you about it. This works well for me – I catch up on the news weekly and have yet to suffer withdrawal symptoms from my previous daily dose of news.

If you have a television recorder, use it to skip the adverts. That will free up 15 minutes or more per hour of television you watch.

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